Driver bloatware

Jun 22, 2011
Hello all,

I have a question which I hope someone here could please shead some light on...

I have an HP Photosmart B110a, which is connected wirelessly to my home network. One user on my home network travels a lot with his laptop, and only uses the HP printer very infrequently.

He likes to keep a clean PC, with minimal software installed. The HP driver software is very big, and contains a whole load of bloat/services which are used in the control of the printer or the scanner. As his laptop is very infrequently on my home network, it seems crazy to have the bloated drivers slowing down his laptop while he's away.

What I/he wants is 1) a method of printing directly to the IP address of the printer 2) a minimal set of drivers which can be installed on his system without services/bloatware, which slow down the system when it's away from the home network.

Any advice greatfully received.

Many thanks


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