Drum scratched early on a HL-1112 Brother b/n printer

Sep 4, 2018
I have purchased a brother HL-1112 (very similar to HL1110) b/w laser printer, brand new last year.
this printer has made a small number of copies (less than 100) but the drum gave problems immediately.
First, a scratch in the drum create a black stain, 3-4 mm (5/32") wide, on the printed page. I have corrected this defect with a drop of nail polish. The stain became white (an area without printing) but was accepttable.
But now is worse, the printer make a lot of dots and stains (click spoiler below)
So I'd took the decision to buy a new drum.
The item is cheap, but my problem is: what if the problem returns with the new drum ?

There something I have to check inside the printer to avoid the deterioration of the new drum?
Is advisable buy also a new toner cartridge ?
Can the kind of paper could be the cause of the defect ?


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