Looking for a color Laser Printer, high capacity drums I can refill.. <$1000.. no scan/fax needed

Oct 9, 2010
Cliffs: Looking for a low cost per page color laser printing of at least good quality and decent output speed. The less toner filling/changing the better. No multi-function required, although if it has it that's fine.


1. I can refill the drums with toner. Exception: if I can buy after market drums and have a low cost per page I would be open to that.
2. high drum capacity (less filling)
3. Quality of print / speed of output
4. Price preferably <$750 or <$1000 .. if there is a far superior piece of equipment to be had for $1500 - $2000 I might possibly splurge if I was convinced it would last a long time and keep printing costs low.
5. Copy/Scan/Fax functions are least important, it does not need to have any of them.

Any suggestions..

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