Looking for a Color Laser Printer Budget $1,000 or under?

Nov 1, 2012
For USA Location.

Hi guys, I am looking to print under .10 cents per color sheet if possible in Laser ink that is. I was wondering what kind of options of printers might there be for me? It can be an all in one or just simple color laser color. My budget is $1,000 and under. I am looking for the price of ink on the laser to be around .10 cents per sheet if possible? I do have a sample of the sheets I'll be printing. I am mostly going to be printing labels that are 4 in by 1.5 inch and up too 5.5 x 2.25 inch. Problem is I have over 3,000 sheets blank of 8.5 by 11 inch already with the labels in the sheets. I'll probably be printing off about 25 sheets per month in color. I know $1,000 is a bit of money just to print out 25 sheets but I am looking for it in the long run. And will probably have a lot more to print off later on. The thing is the sheets are not always the same. There are 12 different types of sheets I'll be printing with Exp. dates on them. I know if I take this to a print shop for 1 type of style they'll charge me like $270 for 5,000 sheets and I require 12 different types as of right now in 3 different sizes. It's why having my own laser color be a good idea.

P.S. I do have a file attached with 1 sheets on it for the example of what it is I am printing. I took a screen shot since the word doc file was over 9 MB.

Thank you in advance so much! David.


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