EcoTank ET2750 Fuses F301 and F302

Jul 24, 2022
When bought this ET2750 (as spare repair) I've noticed there was a short in the printhead's cable - the cable was visibly burnt so I replaced it and bought a new printhead. Then I shorted the F301 fuse on the board.
Now, after reconnecting everything...the printer turn on and seems to be working perfectly except for one thing: it "prints" blank pages - and even after printhead cleaning there is no ink passing through the printhead. This might indicate a fuse on the board is preventing power to reach the printhead?Since I bridged the F301 fuse I wonder if the culprit is the F302 fuse.
The second "fuse" F302 is visibly completely different from the F301 in that it seems is made of 2 small copper rectangles - shall I bridge them? Is that actually a fuse? (never seen anything like - I'm a beginner) - if not what F302 means? the two (F301 and F302) are side by side on the logic board and can't see anything else around the F302 label except for these 2 small copper rectangles.
Any help appreciated.

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