Epson 1430 /1500W Yellow printing Black

Sep 9, 2021
I have a European Epson 1500W which is basically the same as the 1430 in the USA. For the last 3 months I have had an annoying problem that the yellow nozzles print Black. Sometimes its the other way round and the Black nozzles print yellow. If I print a purge pattern the problem clears up, but after the printer has been sitting idle for a while, the problem will return.

I have tried many things without success.

1- I let the head soak overnight on a the cleaning pad flooded with windex and isoropyl alcohol.
2- I have performed an underhead clean by placing tissue soaked with cleaning solution and allowing the head to soak and gliding the head over it.
3- I have removed the cleaning pad and thoroughly cleaned it before replacing.
4- Cleaning Cycles might solve the problem temporarily but later the problem will return.
5- I have verified that the cleaning station is providing suction, I can see waste ink flowing to the external waste ink bottle.
6- I have not seen any evidence that the carts are leaking.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a fix?

Kind regards


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