EPSON L1800 EN 1430W

Jun 18, 2018
As I can identify the versions of this model, it seems that there is an American and another Australian. Download the service manual that abounds in the network for the following models: Stylus Photo 1400/1410 / Stylus Photo 1430W / 1500W /
Artisan 1430. They coincide in the mechanical part, but with the main board no.
I clarify the SISCON presents a different reference, its different location number, the CN4 connector that brings the printer that I have in the manual appears as CN5. Pin 8 of the same connector in the printer does not go; in the manual goes to 3.3v.
In the manual the board is referenced as CA53MAIN, in the printer it is as CB53MAIN.

Replace the board with the L1800 with reference C53MAIN identica physically, in other forums have made this modification, but I need to identify the pine of CN4 that in the L1800 is smaller than in the 1430w and I need to make adaptation.
In the manual of the L1800 there is no electrical diagram.
In the electrical diagram of the 1430w according to version does not match the board of the machine.
Any ideas?

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