Epson L1800 - borderless print bottom page color issue

Apr 8, 2017
Hi guys,

I recently purchased Epson L1800 ITS printer and I am having borderless print quality issues.
The problem is when I print gray color (or any other, but on gray this is most visible) bottom 5 mm of the page has completely different color. This is visible on these pictures:


(this was printed on Kodak Premium Photo Paper Glossy, 230g/m2)


(this was printed on Epson Matte Paper Heavy Weight 167g/m2)

The source file for these was:

I have tried all settings variations (different paper settings, color profiles, color management by printer and by photoshop, always printed in slow printing mode in high quality, etc). All with the same effect. Then I tried cleaning heads, but this made things even worse. Realignment of heads didn't help either.

What might be wrong here? This printer was supposed to print A4 and larger photos borderless. With such quality it is useless... Is it a faulty printer? Rest of the print looks good - the quality is ok. Printer is placed on stable surface, ink is Epson original.

Thanks for all your help!

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