paper feed problem epson l805 and epson l1800

Mar 30, 2018
good day i have a question. I bought the printer epson l1800 and put in it a matty photopaper gramaz 210g printed beautiful and cool but after about 20 to 30 full color pages at once printed 2 pages and 3 out of the blank and no longer managed to give the paper I had to help a little. after another 20 pages she stopped completely. the wheel failed to pull it. I claimed it for 2 days. I bought a new epson l805 and it became totally the same. 20 to 30 pages gorgeously handed papers and then stopped and took and only when he helped with a slight pritlacenim on papier top. nor the original epson papers that I tried to take so much. do not you ever know what's happening? thank you very much for your advice.

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