seems to be an ink feed problem ? just put in new cartridges and still no ink on the paper.

Jan 7, 2016
Hi,, New to this forum, I have a Brother printer, model number MFC-J425W. I do not print a lot of stuff anymore and this printer is maybe 2or3 years old but used very little. Today I tried to print a few pictures and even though the printer seemed to go through all its normal actions, the first sheet came out with some very faint lines on it. I tried the next photo by using another print button on the screen,, this time,, no lines of any kind on the clean sheet of paper. I then tried to print just a regular email and there was nothing. I then tried to scan some thing and got nothing. I looked at the cartridges after the first print attempt, I did replace them about a year ago and have printed almost nothing in the past year. They appeared to be about full of ink. But as a last ditch attempt, I replaced the cartridges with new and still got no ink at all on the paper.
Anyone have any suggestions now ? Thanks for your time.

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