Dell printer V305 will not feed paper. seems to be a small lever that is stopping paper.

Discussion in 'Printer Repair' started by Debra Snook, Nov 23, 2015.

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    Nov 23, 2015
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    IMG_2570.JPG IMG_2571.JPG IMG_2572.JPG IMG_2573.JPG IMG_2574.JPG Hello and thanks for just being here .. wish id found you sooner. ( Driver issues yesterday).

    I am connecting V305 and encountered a paper jamming before paper even gets to rollers.

    I found that a small portion of the paper could load on the Left side. I found a suggestion on Dell's site that suggested putting alcohol on the rollers that maybe dust was the problem. ( it wasnt).
    While doing that and rolling the i found some ? thing that looked like a twist tie from a usb chord that had dropped in the feed line. I tried to remove it with a ( lg metal pin that you tie up the turkey dressing) long tooth pic sort of thing. I'm not sure i was able to remove the object. but what i did catch is what i think is a black plastic spongy thing that i think may be the ink head cleaner. I dont know where to put this back.. or if its necessary.

    i then tried again.. paper will only feed to the first set of rollers.. I look again and i see a tiny lever
    that seems to be stopping the feed.. or maybe the twist tie is still in there.

    I'm not afraid of screw drivers.. but if there is suggestions before i take the top off.. I sure could use them.

    Thanks again .. ( I'll try the vacuum but the levers that hold the paper down.. may keep me from getting it out. )

    error on 3rd image.. its upside down - sorry
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    Debra Snook, Nov 23, 2015
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