Paper Feed Problems

Mar 25, 2019

We are currently printing on our ink-jet canon Maxify iB4150 with the following labels:

Paper Size: A4
Basis Weight: 45 g/m²±10% / ISO 536
Caliper: 60 µm ±10% / ISO 534
Gloss White - Inkjet Polypropylene

We are getting an issue where the printer will pick 6/7 sheets up at a time which causes a jam. After trying the obvious of fanning paper and cleaning rollers we are still having the same issue. Could anyone recommend a better printer that will handle quality gloss paper, or any ideas to help release the friction between each sheet. We are looking to print about 200/300 sheets a day.

Please dont suggest to trying differnet media as we have bought 4000 sheets...

Many thanks,

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