HP5000 paper feed - where to start?

Mar 10, 2020
My HP5000 has been reliable and still does a nice job of printing but paper feeding problems have become more frequent. I'm capable of doing the work but would really appreciate knowing where to begin. This model has three paper feed options - #1 is the manual feed which always works. #2 (middle, 250 sht) seems to work better than #3 (bottom 500 sht) - sometimes it will print an entire document just fine, then it will pull in a dozen sheets of paper at once and jam. It originally had the duplexer unit installed by I removed it after it started jamming often.

I have cleaned but have not replaced rollers and that's what I suspect is needed. Any tips on where to focus would be appreciated as I am not completely familiar with the mechanism. Since multiple sheets are being fed, would this indicated the paper feeder pickup rollers should be replaced? Or can other rollers cause this problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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