Epson 3rd party cartridges not recognised

Aug 14, 2019
Right - ready to throw the printer out the window!!!

I have an Epson XP-352 and run via an iMac on OS X El Capitan.

I have used the Epson cartridges since I purchased the bloody thing and have a stack of 3rd party cartridges from an older Epson that worked like a dream waiting on stand by.

So, yesterday, black needed replacing - not an issue, I have loads of 3rd party ones. Had the message to say "not recognized". Loads and loads of research later i.e. downloading older firmware/figuring out how to get the blinkin printer in recovery mode etc etc etc - STILL. NOTHING. I ensure all cartridges are out of the printer when downgrading the firmware and then install the 4 colours into the damn thing (3 of which are still Epson Cyan, Magenta and the other one...with lots of ink left) and the black, thats a 3rd party, gets caught in the spotlight like a prisoner trying to escape. What am I doing wrong? Perhaps its because I can't find, for the life of me, firmware for the exact printer I have (Epson XP-352). Just numbers close to it (XP-300/400 etc).

Earlier tonight, I thought, ah bollocks to it, i'll just buy the Epson black - but £50?!!?!?!! Sod that. back to the drawing board. *googles 'Printer Forums'*.

And here I am.

help. Please, for the good of my sanity - and my wife.
Aug 6, 2019
Hi and welcome to the club of frustrated printer customers. I too, have done lots of research into this matter and as much as you try, you can not go backwards with printer firmware. Well actually you can but the process is more difficult than brain surgery. I gave up after removing the skull, missing several meals and crossing my legs busting for a bathroom stop. A colleague of mine successfully went through the process but in monetary terms could have purchased two more printers. I have a two year old Epson XP-900 and will not use compatible or 3rd party cartridges because of my previous experience with two Canon printers and non genuine cartridges. Both only two to three years old and needing new print heads. New head, $130 NZ, new same printer $120 NZ. Now both in the scrap yard. A set of five new genuine Epson cartridges - $104 NZ, new same printer $225 with an $80 cash back.
In NZ we have a Cosumers Guaratees Act whereby all goods sold must be of good quality and fit for the purpose or replaced if they fail. Well all compatible or 3rd party cartridges fail in all printers. I had them on about it but the jury is still out on this one this one and the only option now is to involve the Ombudsman. If I was younger and had more time I would try this option as there must be thousands of people out there in the same position.
Are you not able to buy sets of cartridges at a cheaper price where you reside? 50 pound for one genuine cartridge sounds a bit much. I hope your drawing board produces a brighter future.

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