Epson 9880 Value?

Mar 21, 2019
Hi everyone

I am looking into buying an Epson 9880 and was wondering if anyone knew how much they are worth? They vary in price, from what I see on pages such as Ebay but am unsure on how much I should be paying? I have been offered a brand new printer in box.

Would be grateful for any input.


Mar 24, 2019
There are quite a few ways to consider the value of this offer, one is from the point of view of the seller, for them the value of the printer, after so many years on their books, is probably a lot closer to the scrap value of the printer and that is far less than the $2,500 they are pricing. Additionally, what type of warranty are you getting, how well is the printer supported by the OEM, will they still repair the printer, and are the original inks still available for sale. Finally, what's the price different between this offering and a new model ($6,000) and would you have more piece of mind by spending the extra?

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