Epson ET-2720 Printer Having Banding Issues

Mar 26, 2021
Hello! I am hoping someone can help me. I have an ET-2720 that is having serious banding issues. I have cleaned the print head dozens of times, and run a power cleaning also. I have twice done both a vertical and horizontal alignment. The issue will not go away, and has not gotten any better. The printer was bought new in the end of November last year, and has had this issue from the start. It does not seem to be affected by the amount of ink in the printer. I have always kept plenty of ink in it, never letting it run down anywhere near empty. I print with it every few days, and if I'm not I make sure to run a print head cleaning or two and then a nozzle check, all which seem to come out fine. But when I print, I get the result below. White dots on the black, and black dots on the white. PLEASE HELP!!!


  • 20210325_185336.jpg
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