Epson XP-312 post paper jam error repair

Mar 19, 2021
Hi all, I recently bought an Epson XP-312 of EBay with a paper jam error when there was no paper jam. There was no way of advancing past this indication. The printer was bought as a project and after some research on YouTube I found a good video explaining how to repair this. It was a fuse on the main board which had blown which I repaired and lo and behold the printer now sparks into life......nearly. It seems to be going through a resetting routine where it moves the carriage to the left, does a little bump and then returns to the right hand side and then repeats the same thing. During this resetting it fires the paper feed motor briefly and eventually it gives the paper jam indication again but this can be reset now by pressing the button with a diamond shape with a vertical line in it. It then goes through the routine again ad infinitum. I suspect that the firmware is corrupt as, apart from printing anything, every part of the printer seems to work but not in the correct order. I have tried to download a previous copy of the firmware but this didn't have any effect on the problem. Does any one have any idea what could be the solution?
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