Epson ET-8550 6x4 keeps jamming, a damage done to a plain paper and roller marks

Dec 19, 2022
Hi all,

Just yesterday I received my new printer and immediately tried it out.
Issues that I've faced:

1. Cassette 1, 6x4 non-oem glossy photo paper keeps jamming or message appears with "it's out of paper" error even if it's loaded. Got the photo paper from amazon that's got nearly 6k reviews so I assume it should work well on any printer whatsoever.
It does print with no issues at all whenever I use the rear feeder.

2. Also, the printer leaves roller/pin marks on every photo that I print. How to avoid them?

3. Cassette 2. The plain paper sometimes (every 10-15th print or so) gets teared/damaged at the middle top of the sheet. Is it normal for this printer?

I didn't have any of these problems with my previous cheap printer Canon MG6650.

Also I've been adviced to use mainly Epson official photo paper to avoid jammings and roller marks but I don't think this is the only reason why it's happening.

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