EPSON FirmWare Fraud Do not update


Mar 18, 2020
In today's world it is very important to stay up to date with firm ware for security reasons. However, ESPON pushes other changes with their firm ware update to negatively affect your printers performance to force you to spend more money with them. I have been using my printer all week, and this morning I updated the firmware. Immediately follow the update the printer say "Ink Cartridge is not recognized. Please replace the cartridge." This was JUST WORKING, keep in mind they are 3rd party cartridge. I was on hold with support for a hour, once i got first level they told me to just buy ESPON cartridges. They did not understand my frustration with the company breaking my trust in pushing non firmware related items. I am in software development and pushing changes that force customers to use your product is unethical, and should be illegal. There is a social responsibility when pushing firmware it is just bug fixes and security patches, and if other items are included it should be documented. I got escalated to the 2nd level support which they too washed their hands of the situation. Than they escalated me to the final support after almost 2 hours to again just say they can't help because it is not theirs. Never acknowledging that they reason my printer stopped working was after their firmware. So now i will just buy a throw away printers Just not EPSON . DO NOT BUY EPSON...Unethical
Apr 9, 2020
I seem to have a similar problem with my SC P600...
It printed on transparent sheets for years, until recently... Somehow, it recognize the fact that you load a transparent sheet and then is cutting of (kind of a column...) the print. Insert a simple paper and it will print perfectly. I did the test with the test page (see attach, second page is a transparent, first page is a normal paper). Strange is that when I print a configuration sheet or a supply status from the printer itself (printer status sheet from the printer's menu) the result is perfect...
When contacting Epson, they first said is was the wrong driver (but it was the latest...), the they said it was the quality of the transparent sheets and I had to buy Epson transparants, but when I looked at there website, it seems that they do ,not sell these anymore... Finally, they said this function was not supported.... But this worked for years and it stopped suddenly...
It looks like this is also related to an upgrade somehow....
The only way I see to solve my problem is to buy a non Epson fotoprinter now...


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