Epson XP-830 Don't Fall for Firmware Update Ruse

Sep 19, 2018
I have owned this printer for about 2 years. It has, for the most part, worked well. After the original ink cartridges were deleted I started using a high-quality after- market brand with absolutely NO (ZERO!) PROBLEMS. I have consistently used the same brand. A few weeks ago, I started getting a message on the printer screen to update the firmware. I held off updating for a while and experienced no problems. Then I got around to downloading the update. WHAT A HUGH MISTAKE!

I can no longer print nor use the fax or scan functions. Whenever I turn the printer on I get a screen message stating
"Ink cartridge is not recognized. Please replace the cartridge". The display indicates that all colors (PBK, M, C and Y) need to be replace. Since this had never happened before, I thought there might be a glitch related to the update process. But before contacting Epson's "technical support", I replaced one (Y) of the cartridges to see if the message would change. It did not.

Next I called Epson, explained what happened and told them that clearly the update caused the problems. Of course, they stated (repeatedly) that they could only guarantee that "genuine epson" cartridges would work. I, in turn, explained to them that I while understood, I had never previously experienced the problem. When I asked Chris, the tech, and subsequently Saul (supposedly Chris's supervisor), what issue(s) the update was meant to address they were no able to cite any specific such issue. Most alarming when I asked if the sole intent of the bogus upgrade was to force epson printer users (CUSTOMERS) to buy "genuine epson" cartridges, they did not/could not deny my inference and stated that Epson wants its customers to use its cartridges. WOW!

This is such an underhanded and unethical way of doing business. As "General 711" stated in a previous post, this is clearly anti-competitive behaviour on their part. Epson has chosen to increase cartridge sales/revenues by trying to DRIVE THE AFTER-MARKET CARTRIDGE PROVIDERS OUT OF BUSINESS.

In conclusion, my strong recommendation is that you not fall for the bogus "firmware update" ruse if you currently owned an Epson printer. However, if you are considering purchasing an EPSON printer, STOP! DON'T BUY It. Epson has chosen to operate with a total lack of ethics and integrity!

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