Epson iPrint Scan Issue

May 6, 2020
If is use Epson Scan 2 or Apple Image capture on my Mac and scan a document with black text/graphics on white paper it looks good. If I use Epson iPrint on my iPad or iPhone to scan the same document I get a bluish gray background. Both scans were color and 300 dpi. I have attached a file showing the difference. This was happening on my old Epson WF-3520 and I though it was going bad but the same thing happens with my brand new Epson WF-4740. Does any body know how I can use Epson iPrint on my iPad, which is my main device, to scan and have the white paper background look white? Can anybody confirm that they see the same issue?


  • Epson Scan Comparison.png
    Epson Scan Comparison.png
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