Epson L220 Not Printing.

Mar 6, 2021
Hello. I have the above printer for over 2 years and recently it stopped printing. Technician (not service center) says it's a printhead and he charged me for material and labor. When I tried to print when I got home, it printed for 1 page then the succeeding pages are all blank. I brought it back to the technician and after a few hours, he told me it was the main board that is faulty and can't repair it.

With these comments from the technician, I doubt of his capability as technician. Anyway, he returned what I paid for the printer head.

I would like to ask this group, is there any software that can be downloaded to diagnose my printer other than buying a new one?

I hope someone can help me.

Mar 25, 2021
When he replaces print head, he conect cab from the main board to the print head incorrect, so that when the machine print, it will cause the fuse in the main board was broken. You shall brought it to the true technician, he will help you repair it. And I think have not software that can be diagnose your printer .

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