EPSON L6190 problem in windows 11

Jul 9, 2024
Dear esteemed Members,

I have EPSON L6190 all in one (2018 purchase). This machine I have attached to my Lenovo all in one ( model F0DJ001HIN-IdeaCentre 520 - i5 8GB 2TB HDD ; 2019 purchase). Initially, the set up was working fine when Windows 10 was the OS.

Sometime back, my OS is upgraded to Windows 11 without any hardware change requirement in my AIO PC.

After upgradation to Windows 11, I am facing issues with my printer operation.

Just to inform you all, I keep updated, always, my OS and also I have updated my printer drivers to the latest available on EPSON portal.

The problem is this, the printer goes "offline" on printers page in Settings on PC after some time time after installation. I have to remove the device and again reinstall to start my printing work. Again after some time the printer goes offline and this problem repeats. I have tried connecting the printer to different USB port, reinstalling printer software and drivers etc., But there is no change.

Can anybody suggest solution to this problem. ?

Thanks and Regards.

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