Epson P400 - Heavy Paper Feed and Blurry Printing

Dec 2, 2019
I am feeding a Red River Paper 88lb Polar Matte and 96lb Pecos Gloss Paper.

I am using the front feed tray for passing flat heavy weight and thick papers. I can successfully feed and print but the images are blurry and "out-of-focus." Also the blurred effect varies on different areas of the paper. Some "zones" are sharp and as intended and some area are just a blurry mess.

The image prints just fine if printed to normal thickness media using the top load sheet feed.

I bought this printer to print on heavy media and am disappointed in this failure. All help and comments appreciated!

Attached is a scan of a printed page showing the problem. Notice that 2nd row / 3rd column image is as it should be. Then compare to any image in the 4th row. All other areas have a varying degree of the blurred problem.


  • Label Example Temp.jpeg
    Label Example Temp.jpeg
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