Epson P700 Cartridges

Oct 23, 2021
I am selling a full set of Epson SCP700 Cartridges that I purchased in error from B&H in late January. I own a P900 and bought the P700 set before I even got the printer. The sad story is that I JUST opened the box a couple of days ago to put a new light grey cartridge in and discovered that it didn't fit. The spent cartridge was one of the "starter" cartridges. Those starters went pretty far for being partially filled and and firing up the printer when I first got it. The rest of the cartridges in the printer STILL are "starters." I talked to B&H, and they would not swap out the 700 cartridges for the 900 ones because they were bought too long ago.No joy!

I've attached pics showing the set. Note that, I opened the new Light Grey cartridge to replace the spent one. It seemed that the cartridge identical to the 900 one, so I tried to put it in. It didn't work. I compared the backs and noted that there was a short plastic thingee on the 700 where none existed on the 900. So, I tried to "MacGyver" it by removing it. That worked! While it fit, the printer told me that it couldn't be used. Notwithstanding my failed effort, I'm confident the cartridge would fit in a P700 and would work perfectly.

These cartridges sell for $37.99 each at B&H. I paid $402.69 (including tax) for the P700 cartridge in January or a gross per cartridge cost of $40.27. I'll sell you the full set for $300. I'll pay the shipping, you pay the Paypal charges, and we got a deal.

I prefer to sell these as a set. It'll be pretty inconvenient to split them up and sell them separately. If I have to, I'll do it. I want to give this a good shot first!

I can't believe I screwed this up......

Thanks in advance!


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