Epson P800 frivers on an iMac

Jan 21, 2019
I am printing with an Epson P800 from an iMac via the Epson Printer Layout program.

I can't get then printer to print from roll paper. Cut sheet works fine.

I am using a roll of Epson Cold Press Bright. I have this selected as the Media Type. When I look for an ICC Profile, I do not see it on the list. However if I set the ICC Profile to "Auto Select", it shows me SC-P800 Series Cold Press Bright.icm Sounds good?!

On printer, I get "
A roll paper is loaded, but the paper source selected in the printer driver is not appropriate.
The print cannot be continued.
Please match the paper source setting of the printer driver to the loaded paper in the printer.
To print using the paper source setting in the printer driver, remove roll paper and then load the appropriate paper."

What have a set incorrectly.

Where is the icc or icm driver located? How do I know it is in fact on the machine?


Frustrated Menachem


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