EPSON SC-P900 printing in lines

Nov 26, 2023
Hi all,

I'm looking for advice on how to solve an issue I'm having with my new EPSON SC-P900. I have printed around 15 images with it so far but recently it has been printing in lines. All of my print settings are the same as the images that were fine.

I have run a nozzle check and it came out perfect.

One thing that I have noticed is that when printing the faulty images, the printer prints them at a much faster rate than the images that came out fine, I think this is what is leading to the lines, as the printer may be skipping colours.

I don't know what may have caused it to start doing this. I've looked at how I can slow the printing via other forums but nothing has worked.

Would anyone be able to shine a light on this?

Thank you.

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