Epson SC-P900 printing on Baryta

Dec 4, 2023

We have just bought a SC-P900 and are eager to get going with our printing again.
We have previously had a large format Epson printer and have been used to print on Hahnemuhle german etching and bright white.
For our new printer we thought we would try a baryta paper and bought a packet of Canson infinty photographique II matt.
We first printed a test page on epson archival matte, from PS, with PS controlling the colours and the paper settings in the dialog box for the printer
and the settings on the printer both set to archival matte paper. We also turned of the colour adjustment in the dialog box for the printer.
Now, this print came out great! Wonderful, first trial print on a new printer :).
Which brings me to the problem; we did all the same for the baryta paper, icc profile etc etc, and changed the paper profile on the printer and the printer dialog box to baryta, thinking this would really bring the photograph to another level. This completely ruined the print, no details, flat as anything. Why?
We tried the same again, but put the paper profiles back to archival matt (but kept the icc profile) and this print came out looking good again...?
Can anyone answer me on why this happens? You should think putting the paper profiles on baryta when you are printing on baryta would make the prints better, not worse... Anyone?
Thanks MM

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