Epson SureColor P800 printing greenish black and white pictures

Apr 26, 2023
I am trying to print black and white photos and the prints have a greenish hue.

These are photos that I had printed before. They printed correctly in the past (just black, white and grays, no other colors). Now they print green.

What I tried:

  • From PS and from LR: same results.
    With different profiles, and also managed by printer: same results.
    Different papers, several matte papers and also plain paper: same greenish tint in all papers I tried.
    I made a screenshot (I am desperate!) and printed from Preview: same green!
In the printer:

All ink levels and print heads are okay.

Maintenance cartridge was expended, when I took the old one was very GREEN dirty. I replaced it by a clean new one now, but prints continue to have the green tint.

I deleted and added back the printer. No difference.

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