Epson WF-2750 spitting out blank pages

Feb 16, 2022
I have an Epson WF-2570 which, when asked to print something, just spits out a blank page. It seems like it's going to print, but feeds a sheet of paper until it's most of the way out, then the print head runs across to the left once, making no attempt to actually print and it then ejects the blank page and the print head returns to the parked position. It clears the print queue and does not indicate an error, so it seems to think it's printed. Same happens if I try to print a report directly from the printer front panel, so it's not software related. The heads are clean and it has new cartridges installed. The page size is correctly set to A4 (and, even if it weren't, I'd expect it to error).

Has anyone experienced such a problem and managed to solve it?
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