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Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by John Sherman, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. John Sherman

    John Sherman

    Mar 4, 2017
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    I have an Epson WF-3540 that has an error code (Ox9A) that tells me to turn off printer then turn back on. In doing so does not resolve the error code and blocks the printer from functioning at all. I reinstalled the driver software twice but no function. The WI-FI comes on and won't go off, I don't use wi-fi, I don't even have a router on my cpu.

    Epson support directed me to a repair facility here in Indy but the basic service charge is more than what I paid for the printer. I thought I would see if anyone on this forum could suggest a solution before buying another unit. The WF-3540 is out of production so I would have to upgrade to the next generation.

    Thanks, John S.
    John Sherman, Mar 4, 2017
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  2. John Sherman


    Dec 7, 2016
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    Florida, USA
    OK John: Lets try step at a time.
    Unplug printer from wall outlet overnight.
    After restoring power, can u now navigate menu at printer control Panel?
    If so, can u navigate menu to "reset printer to factory default". Do so.
    Did you install all drivers provided with driver CD?
    What is ur OS? We shall continue after ur response.
    ruffin, Mar 4, 2017
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