Printing envelopes on Epson wf-3540 results in smudges


Dec 13, 2016
I am consistently getting smudges on envelopes, mostly on the leading edge, but occasionally on the trailing edge as well. I cleaned the heads, tried printing one envelope at a time or with several loaded and I still get smudges. If I replace the envelope with a piece of paper the same size, there's no problem, so I suspect it has to do with the thickness of the envelope vs regular paper. I tried printing on a different printer (Canon) and all is well, so that is my current solution. However, I'm wondering if there's something I can do to make this work on my Epson? I'm printing from Word 2013 on a Windows 10 system. In printer options, I select paper type envelope and paper source cartridge 1.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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