MFC-J825DW - problem printing envelopes


May 11, 2015
Why is the ink on my envelopes smudged all over the place, and when I print an 'envelope' (sender and addressee) on a plain 8X11 paper it comes out fine?

Apr 20, 2020
Hello to any that also have this issue.

I know this is 5 years after first posting. However I just had this issue and found this post while searching for a solution. And since I found a solution, of a simple cleaning of the printer head, I figured I'd respond for anyone else. You can do this cleaning by tapping on the bar graph of the ink levels in the lower right corner of the home screen, followed by what is the second option on my device "Cleaning". I found this solution from a video,
. I did not think this would work as it sounded like it only cleaned the injectors which the smudges did not seem it was from, but from excess ink on the head. Glad it worked, hope it works for anyone else.

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