MFC-J470DW can't detect ink cartridges

Oct 29, 2020

I have been printing just fine with my brother MFC-J470DW printer until yesterday when I decided to change the color cartridges because the photo quality wasn't very good. I replaced the cartridges with new color cartridges and printed one of 3 photo pages, cancelling the 2nd and 3rd only because I wanted to change the configuration of photos. The photos came out great. When I again sent a photo page to the queue to print, the "replace ink cartridge" error came up. I removed and replaced the cartridges multiple times as well as removed and unplugged the printer a couple of times but the error remained. I read over all of the trouble shooting from brother to no avail. I finally determined we bought faulty cartridges and was on my way back to buy new ones, when I decided to see if the printer could detect the old cartridges, since they still had ink in them, but I got the same error. Now I'm wondering if something is wrong with the printer, or if I need to get "starter" ink cartridges since we were using high yield? Please help if you have any ideas. Thanks!


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