Oct 18, 2019
Hello, Everyone - my first post on joining this forum and wonder if it would help anyone with a "cartridge not recognised" show-stopper? The machine had previously worked well with non-Epson cartridges but suddenly gave the dreaded message, despite two earlier non-Epson cartridges of the four needed still being in place and apparently 'recognised'. Struggled with it for hours but now up and running again.

Wondering if the difficulty was "item specific" (i.e. a faulty cartridge), I completely set aside two newly inserted cartridges which were causing “not recognised” error messages and re-loaded from my existing supply of non-Epson cartridges, then followed this procedure :

Steps for “Cartridge Not Recognised”:
  1. Go to Printer Home Screen menu: Settings/Maintenance/Ink cartridge replacement
  2. Follow product instructions to prepare and install new cartridge and install
  3. Screen message “ It looks like you are using non-genuine ink cartridges” – click OK
  4. Next advisory screen “Do you know Epson….etc” click “Proceed”/Continue using this ink: “Yes”
  5. Run print head and nozzle cleaning as per cartridge instructions
  6. Repeat (including cleaning) for each new replacement
Hope this might help someone as close to binning the whole machine as I was...


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