Epson Workforce 4820. Mac Catalina. Suddenly 2-sided printing is broken

Dec 4, 2022
This is bizarre (though I see by googling that similar breakage has happened in the past a few times).

My Epson printer has been working fine -- despite an update a year or so back that now forces me to use original Epson cartridges, which really ticks me off -- but the printer does work well. Until very recently when I wanted to print something dbl-sided.

I have often printed dbl-sided in the past. But on this occasion I found to my horror that "two sided" was grayed out in the print dialogue box. It can't be selected!

I did the usual things: updated the Epson driver, updated the printer firmware.

WTH? must I replace the Mac OS driver as well? and why in the name of all that's unholy do they go and break basic functions like duplex printing?

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