Epson XP-342 Ink not recognised!

Apr 1, 2018
Hi all,

I purchased a Epson xp-342 a few months ago and last week I used up all of the basic ink that comes with the printer. I got given some black ink (not genuine) but should still be compatible with my printer. I have put this ink in and it keeps coming up ink not recognised. I press ok and it takes me back to replace ink, so I hit ok again and it then comes up ink not recognised again and it goes in that loop.

does anyone know how I can get past this so that I don't have to purchase genuine ink all the time as they can be pricey??

I have tried a few things such as switch printer off at wall, take all inks out wait 5 mins, replace all inks then switch it back on again.......this doesn't work lol.

Many Thanks

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