Epson xp-600 or artisan 730 for black and white photos

Jan 24, 2013
New to the forum,
I wish to buy a printer for photos.
I cannot afford the stylus printers so an all in one is what I need to get.
I also wish to print some monochrome photos.
My choice is between the xp-600 and the artisan 730.
I had two different opinions from epson concerning the extra black photo ink on the xp-600.
First is that the photo black is used as extra ink on document printing?
the other, is that it is used all the time.
Inasmuch as they are not considered a good choice for monochrome; which of the two would be considered superior for this process.
Which would be less apt to create metamerism
The xp-600 with the extra photo black ink, or the artisan 730 with only one black ink but the other light cyan and magenta?
Thank You,

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