Epson XP-820 color cartridge needs to be replaced error

Oct 20, 2018
I have an Epson XP-820 where in the past I was able to bypass when one of the color cartridges was empty. It's been a while and I can't remember if I did something to bypass the replace color cartridge error.

I'm currently set to print in Gray Scale as the black cartridge has enough ink. The current error is for the Cyan color cartridge, which shows up on the PC and on the XP-820 LCD screen.

The problem is I wasn't able to print at all even after I selected from the Printer LCD screen that I would replace the cyan cartridge at a later time. I was trying to print a small notepad document and set the printer to print in black and white grayscale.

The large black cartridge is half full, the rest of the color carts are approx. 1/4 - 1/3 full and the status monitor 3 is enabled.

I seem to remember being able to bypass the color cart empty errors and was able to print in black/grayscale.
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