Epson XP-820 SD and USB Flash card unable to remove write protection


Dec 2, 2017
I've been trying to remove write protection from a usb flash drive and a SD card installed in an Epson XP-820 USB port and SD card slot.

I'm running Windows Vista x64. I'm able to copy files to the USB flash drive and the SD card when connected directly to my PC's USB port however when connected to the XP-820 USB port and the SD card slot I keep receiving errors that the drive is write protected.

I've tried adjusting the settings in Regedit and from an Adimistrator prompt running diskpart without any luck.

Removing writing protection from usb flash drive and SD card.

1. Regedit method

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control WriteProtect = 0


2. diskpart method

ATTRIBUTES DISK (displays attributes)

I've tried four different SD cards and one flash drive, all are recognized and readable but not writable.

I guess it's no big deal as I can just bypass the printers sd and usb ports, however I'm wondering if other have experienced the same scenario with their XP series printer while connected to a PC and operating system? I'm currently connected via a usb cable and have experienced the same thing after connecting the XP-820 to another PC


Dec 2, 2017
Ok I have changed "File Sharing" in the printer network setup from Network to USB.

When the printer is plugged in to the PC USB port three removable drives show up under Computer. Drives E:, F: and G:

The PC is now able to write to the memory card in the the printers SD slot removable drive E:

The PC is also able to write to a SD card installed in a usb memory card reader/writer connected to the printer USB port.

However when I installed a Compact Flash card into the usb memory card reader/writer the Printer won't recognize it.

One of my older Canon Powershot Cameras uses a compact flash card where Vista for some reason won't recognize the Powershots memory card when connect via USB.

I have an older heavy duty, rubberized usb CF reader and writer somewhere. As soon as I'm able to find it I'll give it a try.

Specifications show:
Memory Card Slots/Compatibility 8 SD/SDHC/SDXC, MS Duo, C

So perhaps it's a usb memory reader and writer incompatibility?

When the usb memory card reader is connect to the printer and a SD card is inserted the XP-820 immediately recognizes the SD card and displays a message from it's LCD touch screen. But does nothing when a CF card is inserted.
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Dec 2, 2017
I'm running Windows Vista x64 and not able to find Devices with Removable Storage

I'm also unable to find any reference to the usb reader/writer from the device manager.

I've already gone into regedit and created a WriteProtect Dword with decimal value of zero

When I plug the USB memory card reader into one of the PC's USB ports
Under Computer four removable drives show up

Removable Disk (E)
Removable Disk (H)
Removable Disk (I)
Removable Disk (J)

Under Properties > Hardware (of One of the Removable Disks) is displayed
Generic USB CF reader USB Device (type disk drives)
Generic USB MS Reader USB Device (type disk drives)
Generic USB SD Reader USB Device (type disk drives)
Generic USB SM Reader USB Device (type disk drives)

Under properties of one of the Generic USB xx Reader USB Device

There is a Policies tab which displays options for caching and Safe Removable

[X] - Optimize for quick removal

This setting disables write caching on the disk and in Windows so you can disconnect this device without using the Safe Removal icon.

[_] Optimize for performance

This setting enables write caching in Window to improve disk performance. Tod disconnect this device from the computer, click the safely remove hardware icon in the taskbar notification area.

However when I plug the USB reader into the XP-820's USB port all I see are the three removable drives of the printer which includes only the "Generic USB SD Reader USB Device"

Apparently the printer USB port only passes through the Generic USB SD Reader USB Device as it's own SD reader port, and not that of the USB reader.
Dec 7, 2016
Ok, so I understand better, you have a USB card reader/writer device, that accepts four different cards or devices.
Obviously each of the four readers show as a separate drive i.e.: E,H,I,&J (I is your SD card Reader)

These four readers show in following :
Control Panel -> Devices & Printers
and in
My Computer
and in
Device Manager

You are interested in writing to the SD portion of the reader/writer
You must enable "Write Caching" if you wish to write to the SD reader/Writer portion

See if your Card reader works on a different computer?

See these links:

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