Epson XP 8600 printer error 000061

Oct 16, 2021
Hi people i am at a loss with this one i am hoping someone out there has had the same issue and knows how to resolve it

It start out yesterday with a constant paper jam error every time i tried printing any sort of media with it tried my computer my phone and even off a sdcard plugged directly into the printer but all it kept doing was the printer paper jam error and when i pressed cancel it feed the paper through ok, i could do a print nozzle test and that would print out but just not print anything else so last night before i went to bed i unplugged it from the mains to see if that would help come to plug it back in this morning and now every time i start it up i get printer error 000061 "turn off the printer again, See your documentation for more details".. i have looked in the manual and searched in google i cant find any good information for this error

can anyone help me please


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