Epson XP 950 beeps and rebootsq

Nov 16, 2015
Hi all,

I've had an Epson XP-950 for 9 months.

I've always used non-epson ink as its an absolute fortune. It's always worked fine with non epson ink up until recently

It used to missout lines as if the printhead needed cleaning. After countless times of cleaning the printhead using the on screen menu, i figured a beter clean was required.

I took it apart and tried cleaning with a paper towel. Put back and minor improvement, but still not perfect

I took it apart again and used some print head cleaning solution, being careful not to damage anything

Upon putting it all back it now boots up and goes through its sequence but then fails, beeps once then reboots and get stuck in this loop.

It loops 3 times before powering down.

What does this beeping and rebooting mean? is it a problem with a contact perhaps?

If i leave a cartridge out, it tells me so and that i need to add or replace. I can get it to so it will allow me to add or remove a cartridge, but as soon as it stops in the right position for me to access the cartridges, it beeps, then restarts its loop.

Can anyone tell me where i should be looking to find whatever problem it has, maybe i can get a boot report from it?

I cannot use it for scanning even as it reboots before i can get to that point...

Help much appreciated


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