Epson XP610 printer will do install on Windows XP

Jan 21, 2023
Hi I have a program that only works on Windows Xp. I have an Epson XP 610 printer which will run in Windows XP. However I downloaded the Windows XP 32 bit drivers and get these messages . I cannot get the images I took to share with anyone that can help.
What it is doing is this. I downloaded the correct files from Epson XP610 printer for Windows XP.
The files are downloaded and you click next to start to install the printer drivers foe Windows XP 32 bit. You get a message saying this is all you need to install drivers. Do not have power on doing this step.
When the installation ask to plug the Epson XP610 in I get a message saying printer is found. Then I get a message saying new hardware found . Epson XP610 and will install.
What happens the software is telling me printer is found and click next. I do then get a message saying new hardware found Epson XP610. However I cannot finish installing the hardware or software. It becomes an endless loop and freezes. You have to do a ctrl alt delete buttons to end the tasks. I would really appreciate anybody help with this.

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