Erratic Dell 2150CDN

Aug 22, 2013
I have had my Dell 2150 CDN Color Laser Printer for several years. It has always worked reliably until two weeks ago, and I have not been able to find the problem.

The symptoms are that it usually does not print what I send to it, but occasionally does. When it fails to print, it sometimes shows the document in the Queue, but sometimes does not. Also, it sometimes fails to delete the document when told to do so, but usually does.

I have not installed any new software that might have caused this, and my virus checker shows no issues.

This is on my home workstation, hooked up via USB. There is (and always has been) another printer hooked up via USB, though I rarely use it


The erratic behavior suggested a bad connection to me, so I first replaced the USB cables, and moved it to a new USB port. (All my other USB thingees are working normally) Did not help

Updated the driver. Bad idea; made it worse.

Uninstalled the printer entirely, and re-installed off the original CD. Did not fix it

Been through all the suggested troubleshooting procedures suggested by Dell and by WIndows 7 Pro. No luck there either

One interesting note... every time I have done one of the above, it fixed the problem, but only for a few minutes


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