ET-2400 Software / Start Up Questions


Aug 27, 2014
First time Epson printer owner. Want to know what software I really need to keep installed and what I need (should) keep in startup. Would like to keep installed software and startups to a minimum.

My OS is Win 11 Home and have several Win 11 computers on the home network. We will only be printing (no photos) and scanning and need to be able to do so from all Windows computers.

I was able to print before installing any Epson software. However, I couldn't seem to find a way to scan. With the Epson software installed, I can now print and scan on my main computer but cannot see how to scan on the other windows computers that have no Epson software installed (I can print from the other computers using the print function of various applications like Word and Excel).

Bottom Line - What software can I get rid of and what startup apps can be disabled. What do I need to do to scan from the other Windows computers on the network. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Here's current info for my main Windows 11 computer.

Installed Software:
Epson Connect Printer Setup
Epson Scan 2
Epson Scan 2 Utility
Epson Photo+
Epson Photo+ Tool
Epson ScanSmart
Epson Software Updater

Startup Apps
E_YATIZEE - EPSON Status Monitor 3
Epson Event Manager

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