ET-2760 Color Correction (Fine tuning)

Apr 23, 2021
I am trying to fine tune my color printouts to give me richer reds and brighter greens.

I have a print from my WF-3540 which I am using as my standard for comparison. It gives me a wonderful print with automatic color correction. I print in highest quality setting, plain paper mode (cardstock setting on my 3540, but the 2760 does not have that option). I have tweaked the brightness, contrast, saturation and density. I have attempted adjusting the color circle 10 points toward Y (equally balanced between R/G) (not my desired result). I determined the EPSON Vivid color mode is preferable to the Adobe RGB color mode. I have not attempted any ICM color management profiles (I figure that manual adjustment will be more accurate).

Thank you in advance!



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