false paper jam message

Sep 26, 2014
Sorry for the delay, I just found your post.
There are several types of printers. It would be helpful to list your model and a bit of general info of what has happened and what you have done. How old is the printer etc.
If you have had the printer for a while and see the paper jam message, it could be a simple cleaning will do the trick. Depending on the printer of course. My Epson Printers of which I have used many in the past few years have a small paper detector under the left bottom corner of the carriage. Ink weeps down through the carriage and causes it not to detect the paper. Simply take a piece of paper towel folded few times about an inch wide, Wet it with Windex or ammonia. Turn the printer off and then back on. As soon as the carriage moves, unplug the cord. Now you can move the carriage. Lay the paper down where the carriage will slide over and carefully move the carriage to the left a few times, changing the paper as it gets soiled. This has solved a lot of my problems. It may or may not work for you as there are many more possibilities that cause paper jam message to show. My XP-600 is easy to work on as it has a module in the back that will unplug for paper jams.
Reconnect the power cord and try the printer. Hopefully this will fix it. Good luck

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