Epson Artisan 730 False Paper Jam - Please Help

Nov 25, 2016
Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to consider this issue.
Periodically my Epson Artisan 730 will indicate a paper jam and stop working.
There is not a paper jam anywhere. Not even a small piece of paper.
The following describes the scenario:
- Power button pressed ON.
- Normal startup indications appear for about 5 seconds.
- About 5 seconds after powering the printer ON, there is a very high frequency low volume sound.
- Sometimes there will be loud noises similar to the sound of plastic gears grinding.
- Then there is silence, and three flashing lights: the power indicator light, the WiFi light, and a blue light beneath the status display. The status display reads - "Warning Paper jam inside the product. Press OK to see how to remove the paper." Also on the front panel there is a green OK light about two inches to the right of the status display.

Just by luck in the past I was able to resolve the issue for weeks and months at a time. Once I blew compressed air into the printer openings front and back, and another time it just started working again.

A printer repair man tells me that there is a paper jam switch that can be seen by removing the duplexer. It is said to be a small plastic flag on the left as viewed from the rear, and this is a known issue that could be due to a weak or broken spring that is supposed to hold the switch in the normal position.
If I find the switch I plan to disable the switch.

Now that you have read about my issue, can you offer any guidance?
Thanks in advance.


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Dec 7, 2016
Physically pick-up printer -> Remove paper tray ->Turn it upside down -> Shake it
Do same right-side up. Sounds like something loose in paper transport route
May 7, 2017
hi, you already find the problem source, indeed its the paper takeup sensor not functioning corectly,usually it is cause by dust or any paper bits remaining while removing jam paper inside,please try to remove the duplexer unit, look inside at the left corner, blow it with a blower,if problem not solve, try from front of printer, open scanner unit locate the right side of the paper feed roller, try to lever up the roller support with a flat screwdriver and give a blow with a blower,if still not solve, then last thing to do is to disassemble the print mechanism and check the sensor directly,hope this can help you solve your problem,
Jun 15, 2017

That is right, I agree with mac100.
Its main problem comes from dust which accumulated and blocks the paper sensor.
But when you have done this trick and yield nothing then the final solution is to flash your printer EPROM with the original Eprom file. It will solve your problem.

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