Epson Artisan 730

Jan 19, 2018
We have this printer and we barely use it only for printing simple school papers. Now that we need it, it keeps saying- paper jam and check paper size. Kept checking but there’s none and the paper size is correct. I hate to go to the store and buy a new one coz I expect for this to be working well. Will appreciate any troubleshooting tips! Thank you!
Dec 7, 2016
You dont say size of paper. Assume 8 1/2 x 11" from bottom tray.
Be sure you are using Inkjet Printer Paper or 20 lb Copy Paper.
Be sure paper length and width do not exceed those specified in printer manual.
See you printer manual for recommended paper weight.
Lastly you must check the paper guides in paper tray. Guides must be adjusted
with slight clearance away from paper and not tight against paper.

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