Firmware update on MC562 failed, and now the printer is locked

Mar 16, 2024
Hi, I downloaded Firmware update tool for Windows at

because I was forwarded there when searching for a basic OKI driver for Windows. When I run this program with the printer it found the printer, then it starting updating it, and then it stopped and said "The firmware update was not successful, please try again". Then I tried, and it didn't work, and no matter what I did, it blocked the small display on the printer so that it showed "Firmware was not successful, please try again. If it doesn't work, try with USB". I tried with USB by downloading a bin file here

and after inserting the USB in the printer, and restart it, nothing happened. The small screen on the printer remains in the same state with the given message, and I cannot access the printer either from the printer itself, or from Windows.

How can I reset the printer so that it goes back to before flashing (unsuccessfuly) it?


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